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"I was treated with a back problem by Ray, one of the Therapists and cant tell you how glad I was that I went. I have been pain free for over a week now and plan to make another appointment next week. Money well spent and a comfortable experience and all at the snip of the price that others are charging for the same service, he is very knowledgeable." - Sarah

"I now visit Physical & Sports Therapy on a regular basis, at the start it was for a nagging problem which hindered my gym training, with that solved I now visit for the Sports Massage, makes me feel I can train longer! - Peter

“Knee felt great after one treatment, highly recommend, looking forward to next treatment” - Lynn

After years of active sports and feeling the pain in my achilles after, I decided to contact Sports & Physical Therapy, like my mate suggested, the relief after a couple of sessions of not having to sit with ice on the pain was brill, cheers Ray - Carl

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My back felt better than it has done on ages after just one session, I recently had an x-ray on my back, the results were "no problem", I will carrying on with the Sports Therapy, seems the better option - Charles